Joseph Berlin

Year: 2005

Josef Berlin, Architect: Between Little Tel Aviv and the White City”

Baruch Ravid’s book, is an outgrowth of his doctoral dissertation on the life and work of Joseph Berlin and the buildings he designed and built before the Israeli statehood.

From the data painstakingly gathered from archives in Tel Aviv and St. Petersburg, Berlin, who emigrated to Palestine with his family in 1921,emerges as an outstanding architect, a professional who developed a distinct language and an instrumental figure in architecture of Tel Aviv in the 1920s.

Beyond portraying Berlin the man, and his work, this book sheds light on a subject that has not received the attention it deserves: the influence of classical early modernist architecture on Israeli culture.

By Baruch Ravid, Binyan Vediur 192 pages.

Book and cover design and production, Joseph Jibri.


Haaretz Book Review


Joseph Jibri