Carmella Gross Wagner at the Artists’ House

Year: 1991-95/2019

Carmella Gross Wagner founded in 1989 active till 1994, is considered one of the most influential Israeli rock bands. Band members included: Eran Tzur, Abshalom Kaspi, Uri Frost, Uri Black, Dror Orgad, Ram Orion, Yarona Caspi, Moti Bikovsky (performances).

Joseph Jibri designed the album cover and jackets for “Black Flower” from 1991.
The work was exhibited at the Artists’ House, Tel Aviv, in “Krayot-Sderot”, 2019 a tribute to the 1990’s radical musicians from these two peripheral towns.


עזוב אותי ממזרחית. להקות הפריפריה שכבשו את הרוק התל אביבי


Joseph Jibri
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