Year: 2006

TAMA 35 is a national master plan designating development and protected zones for Israel’s future growth.

The plan sets limit to sprawl, promotes urbanized corridors and protects natural assets on a regional scale. TAMA35 introduced a national planning framework that fostering economies of scale for both built environments and open, ‘green’ landscapes, aimed at shaping and differentiating uncontrolled development.

Approved in 2006, the plan was primarily employed for political ends, de facto thwarting development in Israel’s central region, triggering a housing crises and promoting development in the north and south of the country. A decade later, the plan and has, for the most part, been reversed, marking the failure of central master planning to effectively promote and regulate Israel’s megapolitan future.

We worked on the conceptualization, presentation and communication of the plan’s key objectives and planning tools.


Rebecca Sternberg, Matanya Sack, Uri Reicher