Mobile Hospitality

Year: 2015

Viggo Mobile delivers a new hospitality experience, before, during and after your guests’ stay.

In hotel guest’s pockets, Viggo Mobile  connects guests to your hotel to view hotel information and services, communicate with the front desk, track room charges and enable express checkout, along with local concierge pciks on  things to do in and around the hotel.

Viggo’s cloud-based content management system (CMS) makes Viggo Mobile easy to use, manage, and custom fit for each hotel’s brand and services. Viggo mobile  integrates seamlessly with hotel  PMS integration and eliminates the need to develop a custom mobile app.

We designed the mobile interface, and service branding, as an extension of our work on Viggo Hotel Smart TV. With Shiri Lopata.



Rebecca Sternberg, Shiri Lopata