‘Second Nature’

Year: 2012

‘Second Nature’ Natural History Museum – Jerusalem, Israel

Filling the last vacant lot on Jerusalem’s ‘museum mile’, the new30,000 sqm wing of the Natural History Museum leverages the sloped topography, existing landscape and city views to actively engage visitors with nature, showcased inside and out.

The Natural History Museum integrates a sequence of sunken and above grade exhibition spaces, conference halls and service functions, forging new relations between the internal programs and the site. Four halls straddle the contour lines from the hill peaks to its base, relating the interiors and the site, while creating multiple visual relations with the Hebrew University campus on the south and Rupin Boulevard on the east, heightening awareness of natural and man-made environments.

A newly created ridge and roof-scape supplants the original topography replacing it with a public promenade and roof garden. A viewing platform creates a new entrance to welcome visitors both the existing and new wing.


Rebecca Sternberg, Anai Green, Addar Sekker, Yael Saga, Ayelet Karmon.