Aquafit Intimate

Year: 2018-2024

Aquafit Intimate is a science-driven intimate wellness company situated at the intersection of biotech, vaginal health and self care. 

Aquafit Intimate’s flagship product is a patented Intimate Gel Stick family, based on an all natural advanced hydrogel, uniquely designed for the vaginal environment. Combining pelvic floor strength, vaginal muscle tonus, with healthy pH balance, hydration and deep active agent delivery, we systematically address symptoms associated with common vaginal issues including vaginal muscle tightness (vaginismus), dryness, recurrent infections, irritation and painful sex. Aquafit Intimate’s digital/ai based self care space extends personalised intimate health information to understand vaginal concerns, get answers and track wellness.

We worked on the company positioning, product innovation, marketing and branding including the logo, branding, website, packaging.

Aquafit Intimate Self-Care Space


Rebecca Sternberg, Joseph Jibri