No Lifeguard On Duty

Year: 1991

No LifeGuard On Duty at the ‘Land of Refuge’ Exhibit

Created during the 1991 Gulf War while Tel Aviv was under threat of skud missiles – ‘No Lifegaurd On Duty’ is on exhibit at the ‘Land of Refuge: Architectures of Civil Defense’ at the Tel Aviv University Gallery of Art, 28.12.2010-24.03.2011.

A long exposure photograph of the deserted Tel-Aviv beach during the nightly curfew served as backside of the Bugrashov-Gallery event calendar and was independently plastered on billboards marking the first wave of globally broadcast urban warfare. 25 years later, in the summer of 2014 Tel Aviv was under sporadic attack of Hamas missiles launched from Gaza, and intercepted by the ‘Iron Dome’.

Size: 50cm X 70cm, Offset Printing.
Photography: Joseph Jibri, Rebecca Sternberg.
Graphic Design: Joseph Jibri.

*Press Photo Credit: Dudu Bechar


Joseph Jibri, Rebecca Sternberg