JNF Agmon Visitor Center

Year: 2010

A visitor center at the Agmon Ahula marshland park.

The Ahula Valley is a major stopover for birds migrating along the Syrian-African Rift between Africa, Europe and Asia. An estimated 500 million migrating birds now pass through the Ahula Valley every year.

The JNF Agmon Ahula Visitor Center is envisioned as a resting stop en route to, or returning from, birdwatching and recreation at the Agmon Ahula marshland park.

The visitor center is designed as a concrete frame with suspended shading offering a climate controlled environment housing both open and closed pre fabricated rooms for media exhibits, bike rentals, a cafe and a viewing deck. The JNF visitor center operates as an inside-out pavilion, melding views of the Hermon, the marshland and migrating birds, alongside educational exhibits for flexible use across seasons and programs, affording a new field of activity, within the existing agricultural landscape.


Rebecca Sternberg, Lisa Blechman, Adi Levy-Trau, Yaron Kanor, Matanya Sack (Sack & Reicher Architects) and Dauber Architects.