David Rubinger: What a Country

Year: 2018

David Rubinger, press photographer, accompanied Israeli life with a loving, heroic look. He told the country’s story in war, peace, joy and sadness. He honoured its leaders, regardless of party or worldview. From the vast treasure trove of David Rubinger’s photographs we selected those that best capture Israeli society from its foundation and growth.

In 1997, David Rubinger won the Israel Prize. In March 2017, David Rubinger died at the age of 92. This album Co-authored by Nahum Barnea and Joseph Jibri is a tribute to his life’s work. Journalist Nachum Barnea’s texts give new contexts to Rubinger’s photographs. Joseph Jibri, photographic curation, design and production, tells the story of Rubinger’s work.

Authors: Nachum Barnea, Joseph Jibri
Texts: Nachum Barnea
Archive research, editing and design: Joseph Jibri
Editor in Chief: Dov Eichnold
Project management: Ruti Ben-Ari
Publisher: Miskal-Yedioth Ahronoth Books and Chemed Books, 2018

David Robinger’s collection of photographs resides permanently at the Yedioth Ahronoth Archives. Special thanks to Hila Rachlin, the archive manager, her staff
and to Photographer Micha Bar-Am.



Joseph Jibri
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